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Hello! I'm Helen

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Taking on Romania, One Trip at a Time

Hi, I’m Helen.  I first visited Romania is 1993, the country was fresh from the revolution and all the guides enthusiastically told us stories of the Communist era and how things were getting better.  We travelled to the Black Sea, Bucharest and Transylvania and saw some beautiful places and met some fascinating people.  I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed visiting this fascinating country.

I never went back to Romania but continued to follow the gymnastics and football teams as I had always done and vowed to return, eventually!

Then, out of the blue, in another country altogether I met and fell in love with a Romanian and we married.

Since then we go back to Romania at least once a year to visit his family and we try to see a new part of the country every time we go.  We travel by aeroplane or car and stay in all kinds of places.  

I really love Romania, it is a beautiful place with amazing wildlife and scenery.  So I decided to write this blog to provide other travellers with information, advice, tips and tricks on Romania from the perspective of a foreigner.  Whether it’s the best places to visit, places to stay or places to eat or those unknown locations you do get to know about in guide books, I hope to bring you what I’ve learn about this fabulous place.

I won’t be posting all the time because my trips are pretty sporadic but if you want to keep up-to-date with Romania travel news and info, please visit our Twitter account:

If you have any questions about going to Romania, then please contact me. Thank you and enjoy!

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