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Botanical Gardens, Galați

Galați is an industrial city and as such is not top of anyone’s must see list.  But, if you do find yourself in this chaotic place then a visit to the beautiful Botanic Gardens is a sure way to relax and recharge the batteries.

Located in one of the nicer parts of Galați, near the quieter Danube riverfront, the gardens also has a convenient and large car park (something of a rarity around here).  It is also usually quiet, although if you visit on a weekend in summer you may find newly-weds coming here for pictures.

Entrance is charged but minimal, you will have to pay if you wish to take photos though.  The gardens are large and varied and make an excellent walk.  There are separate areas including a Japanese garden and an Alpinairum. There is also a building where you can find a small aquarium, planetarium and various exhibitions.  On our last visit there was an exhibition on the Danube and Transylvania.  There is also a 3D cinema with lots of different educational films.  The planetarium has regular events, all of which can be found on their official Botanical Gardens website.


Outside the main building there is also an extra exhibition space which we visited last year.  This currently houses a variety of moths including the enormous and stunningly beautiful Atlas Moth.  There is a small extra charge for this also.

You can also buy souvenirs from here and there are a number of geocaches placed around the gardens which gives you a great chance to really explore all there is to see.

The Botanical Gardens are a great place for a bit and rest and relaxation, or a bit of exercise in the fresh air.  It’s also a good educational spot if you have children.


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