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Castle Corvin


September, 2019

Castle Corvin (Castelul Corvinilor) is an extraordinary fortress set in the city of Hunedoara in Transylvania, Romania.

It’s Insta-famous walkway and stunning gothic design draws lots of visitors to this astonishing castle.

Driving to the castle is pretty easy, we followed the satnav and it took us as far as you can get to the castle which ends at a car park.  Unfortunately it isn’t a massive car park and we were the last car allowed in before the manager closed the gates and even then we weren’t in a proper spot.  As usual, go early and you’ll avoid the crowds and these sorts of problems. 

It was baking when we went, so I would also recommend taking your own water. There are plenty of refreshments available however, both in the car park and inside the castle entrance.  There are also a few restaurants around the area as well.

Walking up to the castle takes only a few minutes but the ground can be uneven so take care.  Once inside the castle grounds there are numerous stalls and things to look at (as well as toiltets) so there is no hurry to get up to the ticket office.

The ticket office is small and understaffed and you have to queue in the blistering sun.  They really need to look at this to make buying the tickets much easier.  Tickets are reasonable by western standards but more expensive than a lot of places (currently 30 lei for an adult).

Once paid and through the gates you can walk across the long bridge to the castle main entrance.  The setting for the castle really is remarkable and you can really feel the history as you walk across.  Once inside there is a large courtyard and all the rooms can be accessed from this.  There are the main halls closest to the bridge and then across the far side is access to the walkway to the tower.  A lot of the steps can be a bit scary as is the gap to the walkway but it is a very interesting castle and well worth having a good look around.

You can also walk across to the other side and look out over the ramparts to the countryside beyond and pass the deep well which holds a sad story.  There are plenty of other rooms and places to view and it takes approximately an hour or so to have a good look around.  I would definitely recommend visiting, it’s not as exciting as some castles and it could do with more information as you walk around but otherwise a great trip.

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