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Geocaching Romania: a unique way to see a country


June, 2019

Geocaching is probably one of the most interesting ways to seeing parts of the country you wouldn’t otherwise visit.

If you haven’t heard of Geocaching before, it’s basically a big treasure hunt.  People all over the world hide little packages and you have to find them using an app on your phone.  This can be entirely free because joining and downloading the app is free (there is a paid-for version where you can see more caches) and you will have access to millions to caches all over the world.  By following the instructions on your app you will be guided to the location where the cache is and then you have to find it!

By checking out the website and app in advance you can get lists and routes of caches for whichever region you are visiting.  Often these caches are in out of the way and unusual location and the cache owner will often provide interesting information about the area where the cache is situated.

By following these caches we have found some amazing places in countries all over Europe and learnt a lot about regions and cities we would not have otherwise seen.

In Romania there are probably less caches than in Western Europe but the number is growing and it is a good place to be First to Find (FTF).  I’ve done a couple of those in Romania which is always fun. I’ve also been able to get and move a couple of Trackables (these are small items which are left in caches and your job is to read the info and take them somewhere else).  I’ve found a Trackable in England that wanted to visit high places so we left it in a tree in Poiana Brasov!

By looking through the cache list on the internet we have been able to find excellent stop-offs when travelling through regions of Romania, such as the one at the Stefan cel Mare statue and we also stopped off at a beautiful lake on the same day and a monastery, all thanks to Geocaching.

If you’d like to learn more about it and how you can set it up for yourself – go to  It is a great way to see Romania!


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