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Hărman Fortified Church


July, 2019

The UNESCO-listed fortified churches of Transylvania are some of the most beautiful and interesting buildings in Romania.

Built in the 13th century, Hărman, is a typical fortified church of the region. It was built by the Saxons to withstand attack with enough room in the outside walls for the villagers to come inside and be secure. Today, the church and the walls are still standing and are a beautifully serene place to visit.

Entry is 10 lei for adults and this gets you access to all the grounds, the church and the walls where you can see how the people lived and worked. Around the church walls is an old moat which currently houses some cows. If you don’t mind heights and steep stairs you can also climb up the bell tower for a wonderful view! You also get a free guide you can use while visiting and the staff are very helpful.

There village of Hărman is surprisingly quiet, even in the height of summer. There isn’t much in the way of formal parking but you can park on the road outside. There are a few small shops in the village and inside the church you can buy souvenirs. There is also a decent toilet in the grounds. It’s very easy to get to and if you are based in Brasov it would be a quick trip out of the city.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Harman Fortified Church especially if you are based in Brasov.  This could easily be combined with a trip to the Prejmer Fortified Church which is close by. 

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