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Review: Otopeni Airport Business Lounge


March, 2019

The Otopeni business lounge is located near gate 3 up the stairs (why are the lounges always up the stairs?!), it is a bright opens pace with plenty of seating, if a little chaotic in that department but at least it has some character (unlike the Faro business lounge)!  Drinks and snacks are self service and there is a range of white and red wine, a few spirits and soft drinks. Snacks are basically crisps and some sweet treats, there isn’t anything in the way of a proper meal.

There are power points throughout (if you can find them) and free wifi. The large windows give a good view of incoming aircraft to keep you busy if you’re a bit bored. Overall it is an OK kind of place, nothing to rave about but somewhere relatively quiet to go out of the way of the hustle and bustle downstairs.


The one good thing about it is that it is close to all the gates, so going back down to board was easy and quick.  On the downside the staff were not even remotely attentive once they had checked you in and there were a few of them.  No-one let me know about the self service or what other facilites the lounge had which was a shame.  I think all lounges need to offer single passengers a much better service as travelling alone brings a lot of every hassle and uncertainty.

For more information about the lounge, please check out the official website.

 Summary: I would use this lounge again if it was included in a Business Class package.  I don’t think I’d bother paying for it unless I was with someone else and we had quite a few hours to kill.  Otopeni isn’t a massive busy airport so the normal seating is more than adequate.

Strada stefan cel mare, vaslui

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