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Snapshot: Brasov Sign


September, 2016

Brasov (and Deva) has its own city sign perched high up on Mount Tampa.  The great thing about it is that you can visit it and have a wonderful view over the city.

Getting to the top can be done in one of two ways – the easy (and more exciting and enjoyable) way is to get the cable car for a small fee,  alternatively you can take the path which is more energetic but it is free!

Taking the cable car is a fun way to get to the top and you get a leisurely view over Brasov as you ride up.  This is the way I went up and down when I did my trip.

Once at the top there is a bar where you can buy refreshments but there are also areas around where you can have a picnic if you prefer. There are also numerous paths you can take if you want to make your trip longer but if you just want to visit the Brasov sign, then that isn’t too far away.  The path can be a little uneven in places and if you don’t like heights take great care near the sign.

Luckily when you get to the sign, there is a proper platform where you can look out over Brasov and take some pictures. The views are great (although my pics where taken with my phone only so pretty poor).

This is definitely a worthwhile side trip and I imagine the extra trails at the top would also be worth taking.

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