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Snapshot: Constanța Casino


September, 2016

The Constanța Casino is an iconic building that has had a rather unfortunate history and is currently waiting redevelopment. So, at present you can only see it from the outside (and pick up a cache while you are there).

The current Casino is the third iteration of the building, rebuilt for the last time in the Art Deco style in 1910.

This version, by the wish of local politicians, was styled on the architecture on the French Riviera and a local architect, educated in France, began work.  There followed issues over the design but eventually got back on track and the Art Deco styled Casino was completed.

The Casino became very famous all over the world with rich socialites coming to gamble away their fortunes.  During the wars the Casino was damaged and firstly was changed into a hospital and then in World War II hosted German troops.

In the Communist era the Casino was redeveloped with slave labour and was finished in 1956.  It slowly went downhill and has been all but abandoned since 19901.

From the outside the Casino still look fabulous but it is in a precarious state of disrepair and issues over the contract to redevelop in recent years have created more problems.

 The local council is due to start work on it soon and hopefully they will restore this amazing building to at least some of its former glory.

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Constanța Casino

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