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Snapshot: Ștefan cel Mare Statue


September, 2018

Ștefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great), Prince of Moldavia was a great hero in Romanian history. He successfully defended Moldavia against the Hungarians and Ottoman Empire. He ruled from 1457 to 1504 and it was his success on the battlefield and with diplomacy the led to a period of great stability in the Moldavian region1.

On the main road between the cities of Vaslui and Barlad there is a fabulous stature of him, set back from the road.  The statue commemorates the Battle of Vaslui in 14752.

Stefan cel Mare

Domnal Moldovei 



There are a lot of interesting comments about the Stefan cel Mare statue on Google Maps.

We found this stunning statue through looking at stop off points on our journey from Galati to Iasi.  One of the best ways I’ve found of doing this and finding great new locations is to start Geocaching.  This was a cache (although we didn’t actually get this one – can’t win them all!) so we thought we’d stop off and we were so glad we did.  There is a small amount of parking on the other side of the road – be careful crossing, they drive fast!  There is also a few benches at the bottom if you were stopping to have a bite to it as well.  Otherwise, the walk up to the top is tiring so not ideal for everyone but once up there the view is great!  There is also an eternally burning flame for Stefan which makes it even more interesting.   I was really glad we stopped off to see this one.


1: Wikipedia: Stephen III of Moldavia

2: Wikipedia: Battle of Vaslui 

Strada stefan cel mare, vaslui

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