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Tips & Tricks for Travelling in Romania

1. Learn the language

You don’t have to go crazy but if you learn a few key words and phrases before you go it will help!
Make sure you take a phrasebook with you as well or an app on your phone.  No matter which country you travel to the locals always appreciate it when you try and speak the language.

2. Travel planning

If you’re planning on travelling around the country by car then be aware that it will probably take you much longer than it looks on a map and will probably quite hair-raising!

3. Dress for the occasion

Romania is a large country with many different types of topography and climate, make sure you bring the right clothes for the right location.  It could be hot in Bucharest but when you get to Sinaia you may find it pretty chilly.

4. Get off the beaten track

Romania is famous for a few places that everyone has heard of – Bran Castle, Ceaucescu’s Palace, the Transfagarasan etc – but there are so many more wonderful places to see, so once you’ve ticked those off your list go exploring!

5. Use local currency

Many places only accept cash and this will be Romanian leu. Often the best thing is to change your money over there and you get good rates at the local travel agencies. You’ll need your passport for identification.

6. Buy a local SIM

I always take my iPad away with me, often to use when navigating. The good thing is that Romania has an excellent mobile network. One of the first things I do is to go to the Orange shop and buy a data SIM card. They are about 5 euros for 32 GB for one month. I’ve never had to use more than that and I often use it as a hotspot for my phone and laptop as well. Orange shops are everywhere so it’s a good choice.

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